Even I had to admit it.

It was time. I needed a grown up blog for my writing. I love tumblr, but I’m straying from the mission a little over there.

It’s true though.

So here we start again. My professional blog.

My name is Kate. I write about vampires, zombies, witches, werewolves, the apocalypse, and the people fighting all of it.

I talk about this incessantly. And by that I mean that I update six days a week.

People forget that writing is a process. I’ve been chronicling my progress on tumblr for years, to show how much time goes into every scene. How many edits, rewrites, and how much polishing. Writing doesn’t stop on the first draft, or the tenth, or usually the twentieth. So I make sure that I do talk about it. Writing is work.

Frequent topics of posts: Procrastinating over fight scenes. Writers need editors (ie, I am a terrible proofreader.). Also, I cannot stand waiting on beta readers or critiquers. Well, I’m just bad at waiting in general, it’s not their fault.  And my infamous shameless self plug (see below). Because if I won’t do it, who will?

Currently, I’m releasing a series of shorts and novellas on Amazon.  These feature Mina and Matty, werewolves out to prove they are better than the monsters they kill. Right now the first four are free if you have Amazon Prime, and if you don’t, they’re only $0.99 cents.

As I’m doing this, I’m also writing the second series with these same characters. I’m hoping for no more than two months inbetween releases. Not sure if it’s feasible, but it would be nice.

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