Chill Day

My normal Sunday writing routine got messed up a little. Instead of getting up at six with the kids, slinging down my coffee and editing the previous night’s ramblings, I got two new friends.

A random conversation between my husband and I resulted in two cats coming to live with us this morning. My day has been spent obsessing over them. We weren’t quite ready for our new additions, but the cat condo should be here in about a week, and I bought a big bag of catnip.

I might be an enabler.

I think I needed the break anyway. I’m writing the second series while polishing the first, and making all the covers myself. In addition to being a stay at home mom with three kids under the age of ten. Let’s not even begin to factor in recovering from a major injury… (Just typing that made me need a vacation.)

I know that this is what it’ll take to start selling stories, but I’m feeling a little burnt out. However, all I’m doing is manic proofreading and polishing that damn blurb for next week’s release. I can take a half day on Sunday to bring home some new cats, and not think about dialog.

Yeah, the second series has hit the middle doldrums. I’m pushing through, not letting the big picture issues stop me. I’ve hit the point where I can see some issues that’ll need to be fixed, but I know I shouldn’t stop to fix them.

There’s going to be other things that need to be fixed as well. Better to push through and rework with a clearer vision what needs to be done from start to finish. You can’t properly rewrite the beginning until you know exactly how it ends.

But for now, I think I’m going to make myself some tea, and see if I can coax the other cat out of the basement.

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