Biting my nails

Metaphorically. Well, not really.

But I  thought I was.

Let me back up and tell the whole story. So it’s one week until I publish the new story. I’m doing the usual frantic proof reading, because I cannot yet afford an editor.

It’s a lot like this, but more coffee and swearing.

Suddenly, I hate a sentence. I want to change it, make it better. And I stop myself, because I know how this goes. I change one sentence and the next thing I know, I’m rewriting the whole story.

Last time this happened, I had to be talked down slowly and only kept the original version because my husband was able to convince the new stuff was crap.  And it was.

But this sentence is just bugging me.  I send it to a friend and ask her objective opinion. Crappy sentence or last minute jitters?

She agreed, crappy sentence. So I tweaked the intro… again.  Nothing major, just refining concepts, and fixing that stupid sentence. This, of course, means that I have to reread it even more than normal though. It’s now full of new typos.

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