Sunday, Sunday

I’ve done something highly unusual for me. I started a story before I finished one. Some people are rolling their eyes at me, and rightly so. But I’m usually very steady about my writing: Finish the current draft, then start the new one.

The current Monsters of Pittsburgh story is long. It’s almost as long as the finale for Uncommon Animals. And that story was the wrap up for six stories that came before it.

I know that part of the length is the middle doldrums. First drafts are infamous for the middle sagging. The transition from build up to action is hard, and it’s harder when the ending is just an idea.

Once I have an ending written, the middle will tighten itself to match, but I still have to slog through that middle now.  And I have been, until now I’ve trudged with pride.

But after I read the fifth Uncommon Animals story out loud to the husband, I sat down to finish the slog, and I just couldn’t do it. I didn’t want to find the transition from building up to action. I didn’t want to write the emotional fall out that I know is coming

So I didn’t.

I wanted to find a more accurate picture to use here… but then I didn’t.

I started one of the two humorous shorts I have planned for Monsters. It’s lighter and sexier and far more fun. As much as I love to torture my characters, they generally are more fun to write when they are also having fun.

Just a reminder Tuesday is release day. The fifth Uncommon Animals story, Hunted Down, will be on Amazon. Which reminds me, no drafting until that blurb is finished…

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