Publishing Day Eve!

Yes, tomorrow Hunted Down is being published. I woke up to a hour and half delay of school, and was thrilled. A no-rush morning to get all my social media out of the way and proofread one last time.

But then I saw a critique of a rough draft and that obviously  takes precedent. Once I got my shit sorted it was time to hoof it with the kids to school. The professional guilt set in on the way home, but it’s really not as bad as I make it seem.

Yes, I still operate on toddler time.

This story has been picked apart for months and I recently read it out loud to an audience. Nothing works as well as having to say the truly awkward sentence out loud.

I’m sure there are still typos, but let’s be honest, the meme about typos in self-published works really should be put to bed.  Show me any first run book without a typo and I’ll eat a one hundred dollar bill in front of you, without salt.

All I really have to do is get it in the pre-formatted file and upload it. I made the cover last weekend.

Despite my lack of anxiety, I am very excited about this story.  It’s a different kind of monster, and my husband approved, so I really can’t ask for more that.

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