Insecure Writers Support Group



I almost forgot. It’s the first Wednesday of the month, time for me to air my insecurities.

The thing that’s been creeping me out lately, is how far on the backburner my novels are. I love my world, and I love writing in it. I know I need an editor for the first, and it’ll cost me something big, because there is a lot that need to be fixed.

But I miss it. I miss those characters. I want to be writing those stories. I like my werewolves, I’m having fun. But I fell in love with Edie and Marley and their friends. I want that group back.

Long term plans are well and good, but I started writing to write that story, and some days, I’m afraid that I’ll  never get back to it.



6 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group

  1. You’ll get back to it, because that story is part of you. You are in a great place, actually: having more stories than time. The opposite is way worse (trust me). There will come a day, sooner than you think, when the Matt & Mina stories are done and all published and you can get back to that other world 🙂


  2. I say if you love it, go back to it! I wrote a New Adult novel two years ago. I put it aside because I write for children. It’s what I do. But those characters and the story wouldn’t leave me alone. So I’m back at it, and loving my decision! Happy IWSG post day. 🙂 I’m commenting through FB. WordPress and Blogger don’t play well in the sandbox.


    1. The series I’m writing now will hopefully pay for editing for the first novel I wrote, before I have to go back to work. That’s the plan anyway. We’ll see how that actually works out.


  3. It’ll nag and nag and nag at you until you give in and dive back into the story. So you might as well give in and give in to that story, and it’ll be worth it. It’s never too late. I had a story that nagged at me for the better part of a decade. I finally hashed it out during the better part of a month, and was all the better for it.


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