Wrung out

I have dish towel brain this morning. Damp, twisted, and smells a little funky, but I did finish my first draft of the novella. And promptly realized that the time frame was off, and I really needed to expand a few of the ending scenes, and…

I opened scrivener and promptly fell asleep on the couch.

Add six inches to this woman and put her sweats, now that’s me!

The nice thing is that my husband took today off. We’re already planning on snuggling and napping the day away, a little proofreading won’t be a problem.

No publishing work going on this weekend. For one thing, we’reĀ celebrating our wedding anniversary, but for another, I need a break. I have one more novella to write (maybe two) and two shorts for the second series, and two more stories to edit for the first. Not to mention all the work that goes into publishing.

Taking a little me time will only help.

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