Back to the grind

I’m pretty proud of myself. I not only got my short story polished up for May 1st,  I also got some structural work done on the latest novella. The ending lacked punch and I knew it.

This week I need to start working on my cover. I think I’ll be updating all of them… again.  But I’m basically learning the craft on the job, so… blarg I can’t wait until I can afford to hire these things out.

Seriously, I have student loans to pay off. Shame is for the debtless.

On the second series, this week I need to be working on the comic shorts. I have two planned, one of which I started. These should fill in some gaps on the timeline and add some much needed levity.  Not that the novellas aren’t funny, but the shorts tend to lighter in tone, overall.

And finally, Bruce the third and final kitty, has completely emerged from basement. He’s still a touch twitchy, hence no pictures, but he’s started coming to us for pets and purring a lot more.

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