I only have myself to blame

So yesterday, I wanted to work on those two short stories. I fiddled around half-heartedly, got a few sentences down. Mostly I obsessed over my book covers, before settling down to watch some Supernatural with my husband.

No seriously, this show is awesome.

So imagine my surprise when I glance at down at the clock and see that its one in the morning.

For those not in the know, I suffer from insomnia. This hasn’t been an issue since late January though. I dropped a pot of boiling water on my arm, and the recovery has been ongoing.

While most of the damage is cosmetic, my arm does get worn out easily, and I’ve been sleeping seven hours a night. Normally, I get about four.

I discovered several years ago that writing helps me sleep. The flip side is that if I don’t get so many hours of writing in, I can’t sleep.

These bastards never get to my house.

So yay, my recovery progresses. Boo, I’m freaking exhausted.

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