The finale

So it’s two weeks until publishing day. My cover is done. My story is done. I will ask friends about grammar checks and do at least one myself, but The Hunt at the Haunt is ready.

Get used to it, that’s the wolf picture you’re going to see for the next month.

The finale… I’m not so sure of the finale. I feel like it drags in the middle. I need to add more tension, or reduce it, something. I might have to put aside Monsters of Pittsburgh for a few days, or more, so I can rework the finale a little better.

Still, I don’t feel overwhelmed. A little burnt out some days, sure, but all things considered not  overworked.  I can edit, proofread, and make covers for one series, while I write another one. I’m not sure I want to try it with separate casts, but it’s doable for me.

And me being me, I’ve already started planning the third and final series. Not so much which monsters they will be fighting, but the major themes and character arcs.

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