Special Saturday Post

Since tomorrow is a holiday and I’ll be getting three sugared up kids ready to go to grandma’s, I thought I’d write this to the sounds of my youngest son singing Let It Go.

We bought the movie last week.

Spent last night rereading the finale of Uncommon Animals, Hunter’s Moon. I think I can see what to do to fix it. I need to discuss it with a few friends, but I have this habit of wanting to make fictional characters sound like real people. Surprisingly, this only works occasionally.

Other times, it’s actually a hindrance to telling  a good story. In this case, I have someone who finds out about the supernatural, and he has a bit a prolonged break down about it.  And like real people, he seems to get it together, and then freaks out again.

This is pretty typical for real people. Unfortunately, it slows down my story. So I need to combine the two freak outs into one and let this one go.

Seriously, I’ve seen this movie four times this week, and it creeps me out cause the voice of Veronica Mars should not be that naive.



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