Three days until a new story

The best part of being organized and ahead of schedule. When something trips me up, be it second degree burns from my wrist to shoulder or going toe to toe with my depression, I can keep plowing ahead.

How far ahead am I this month? I just have to upload the text Wednesday.

The cover is uploaded.

This is the cover art for The Hunt at the Haunt. It took a damn long time to make.


All my other info has been entered into the appropriate box. I just need to keep proofreading, because I cannot yet afford an editor. Now if people would start buying stories…*hint-hint-tell-your-friends-hint-hint*.

As for Monsters of Pittsburgh and the Supernatural homage (not quite a parody),  I’m at the fight scene. I’ll probably not be writing for a few days, or writing, very, very little. Fight scenes are very hard for me. I get compliments on them, which I appreciate. Writing them is like pulling teeth. There’s a lot of build up to the actual event, then a flurry of activity, a ton of pressure,  and a hard jerk. All followed up by relief that it’s all over.



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