Short stories and fight scenes

This has been a day for short stories and fight scenes. First off, I am about to have Sam and Dean fight a wendigo.

Wrong Dean and Sam. Although for those keeping track at home, yes, this is from the wendigo episode of Supernatural.

The story I’m publishing on Thursday, The Hunt at the Haunt, is also a short story.  And this morning, I got a great critique on another short, although the fight scene was all messed up. Man, I hate writing fight scenes.

I’m back on track though. My depression is receding. If I’m not 100% still, I’m back up in the high 80s, low 90s. I’m functioning again and that feels great.

And on a bit of a random note, some of my writer friends are doing a blog hop, and you should check them out!

Gina Drayer – Her first book, Lotus Petals, will be out this July. It’s all witches and murder mystery fabulous,

Ripley Nox – Hard, badass, sci-fi, and getting ready to publish!

Jesse Pearle – Hard, badass, romance. No seriously, no wilting women sucumbing to the charms of alpha males. These ladies chase the men down and show them who’s boss.


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