Cancelled freak out

I’ve spent the last two months convincing myself that I had time.  I was a little nervous about the final story for Uncommon Animals, Hunter’s Moon. My faithful betas had read it and loved it, pointing out some missteps, but I knew it wasn’t ready. It needed more eyes.

The problem with writing a series is that everybody thinks that they have to read the whole thing to follow along. I take great pride in making sure that that isn’t true. It’s very hard to convince people of that on my favorite critique site though. All they see is story seven and bail.

And it is, May 1st, 30 days until publishing day, and I was suddenly very nervous about the finale. So, I went begging. I posted in group after group for help, explaining that if you couldn’t follow along with the seventh story then I needed to know that as well as when my characters are smiling too much.

And lo and behold, an angel appeared.

What? Blog posts need images and I’m still nursing my coffee. Supernatural is turning into my standby.

An editor who loved the concept of the series, the characters, and was more than willing to tear me up when I let myself get lazy.

My stress levels plummeted, this story will be done long before June 1st. I can get back to drafted the finale of the second series and start whipping that whole series into shape.


I need to make a new book cover…



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