Sunday, Funday

Still recovering from the husband’s birthday. No we didn’t go out and get trashed. He got nailed with a stomach flu.

Poor guy is pretty well wrecked, but he did get his Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes, so he went to bed happy on Friday night. Last night…

I should be drafting the final Monsters of Pittsburgh story, but I get the feeling I’m going to be working on my cover for Hunter’s Moon instead.  I have a two Warhol paintings I’ll be trying to imitate.

warhol1 warhol2


I’ll be trying the cows first. They’ll be much faster and easier. I know from experience that imitating all the fiddly lines on the other one will drive me nuts.

But I also put the first Monsters of Pittsburgh story up for critique again. I added in more of the  details, (Rick’s nervous stutter and his obsession with his hair, some actual background, etc.). Time to let my betas tell me where I need more.

And may the fourth be with you!


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