Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Self Promotion



Why yes, it is the first Wednesday of the month and time for the airing of insecurities. In this case, self-promotion.

It’s common insecurity with indie writers, maybe all writers. I always feel like such a schmuck when I do it. I’m not sure where it comes from. I don’t know a single indie writer who doesn’t acknowledge that we need as much promotion as possible, and if we wont do it, who will?

But I also know that weird feeling I get in my gut every time I mention that I have stories for sale, and hey, you should buy one.  It might be just how I was raised, don’t brag, don’t force yourself on people.  It’s not like I think my stuff is mediocre and doesn’t deserve to be read. Just the opposite, in fact.

So why the weirdness? No idea. I’m trying to work through it, usually with humor. I’ve adopted the idea of shameless self-promotion. Just do it, and be blatant.  I actually tag my posts as shameless self-promotion or make a joke about shame being for people without student loans.

Because if I’m not willing to talk my stories up, who will?

8 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group – Self Promotion

  1. dude, I know! I always feel like I just want to give my stories away. I get almost pissed off when I find out people I “know” online paid for my books.
    I make myself feel better by remembering that they really are pretty inexpensive, and also that no one would buy them if they didn’t want to.
    Keep up the shameless self-promotion 🙂

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  2. I think it is like blogging. If every post is about selling a book it won’t work, but if say 10% of your posts are about selling your book you’re good to go. Friends, family will bring up the subject if you talk about the process or what trouble you are facing. Draw them in asking for advice and then let them bring up the subject of reading your work.

    Anna from Shout with Emaginette


  3. I’m not an indie author, but the best way to do it is to have others promote for you. Their word carries more weight anyway. Support others and they will in turn support you. Then you don’t have to feel like a commercial. (I know, I don’t like to promote myself either.)


    1. That’s the dream, lol. And slowly but surely I’m getting there. But I’m building an empire (in my dreams if nothing else), and right now, I have to lay all the bricks.


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