Mother’s Day

I’m drinking tea out of my new mug, and enjoying the sunshine, sans a new tattoo, but that’s not my kids’ or the husband’s fault. My favorite local tattoo place went and got weird on me.

I’m making some progress on the finale for Monsters of Pittsburgh.  I got over 2k words written last night. With some concentration, I can finish the draft this week.  Which will feel pretty damn good.

And because I’m crazy, I’m already planning the next series. I think I might go Young Adult. I’ve had a few ideas about what poor Jeff, my seventeen year old hedge doctor, goes through, and I think I could have some fun with that.

For now, I have no plans. I’ll probably write in a little bit, but since my tattoo got put on hiatus, I got a book instead. I’ve been looking forward to Words of Radiance for weeks now.

Seriously, I love this man for his mind.

2 thoughts on “Mother’s Day

  1. I’m reading that too! But I’m finding it’s taking me a bit to get into it, I think because I read the first one so long ago. I’m forgetting who is who a tiny bit. Plus I’m working on two writing projects so my mind is twitchy (as per usual) 🙂


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