I did it!

It’s rough and needs a once over even before the betas can read it. But I finished the second series before June. The first story, Succubus will absolutely be ready by Sept 8.

It feels good to be ahead of schedule. And while I have a publishing deadline looming, the cover is done, and it’s being looked over even as I type, by people who aren’t me.

Now, of course, the real work begins, editing. Like I said this thing is dirty.  I can’t even let my faithful betas peek at it yet. But as I give it a few tweaks, I’ll start posting the rest of the series on my favorite critique sites, make my covers, and be a little more ready for the second series than I was the first.

I also need to map out the next series. I may take a break from werewolves for a short while. As much as Mina and Matty started as an exercise in exploring werewolves in my world, I want to look at the witches. So I might be writing a short one off series, and it might even be straight up Young Adult, which means that I’m going to have to watch my language.

But today, today I shall sling coffee, get caught up my friend’s stories, and bask, just a little, in getting that beast written.

Why yes, I *am* dating myself here.

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