I got everything done. Got my stories edited and up on Smashwords. Messed with all the margins and page breaks until it fit their criteria.

And now it’s back to work. I need to get the second series cleaned up. The more I get done now, the easier the publishing run.  I worked on my covers for a bit last night. I had the brilliant idea to put the monster for the next book under sheet on the first book. Which, of course, means having all the covers something close to done. I have three of seven ready. Being that far ahead of schedule feels really, really good.

I’m also getting ready to start drafting the next series. The thing about Young Adult novels is not just writing teenagers, it’s working with specific themes. Young Adult novels tend to be about teenagers having to take on adult responsibilities and the problems they face on doing that. Which is why Jeff, my hedge doctor, is perfect.

Also, as much as I like seeing more female leads in stories, there seems to be a bit a pattern with them. You get a lot of asocial, quiet female leads in YA with their requisite two male suitors.

Awkwardly staring
awkwardly running
Awkwardly leering
You didn’t think I’d post a picture of Piz, did you?

I think having a male YA lead, with probably no love interest (haven’t planned for one anyway), might be a nice change.

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