Eleven days and counting

Publishing Day is looming. I’ve proofread four out the six previously published stories. My cover is done. My blurb is not written (I hate them). My finale is mostly proofread. My promo is prepped.

I’m feeling a touch overwhelmed, I admit. But part of that is the end of the school year too. Picnics, field trips, concerts, it’s all coming up, and it’s all time consuming. Not to mention having to wrangle my three kids on schedule. It’s light out at bedtime now, and they fight me at night and are zombies in the morning.

6bb718afbcdebabaa17f62a7c17ee25b_large (1)

The good news, half the covers are done for the second series, which is written. Yes, yes, yes, rewrites and proofreading need to ensue, but I have four+ months before the first one is out and that one is the cleanest.

All things considered, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ll better once my proofreaders comb over the last of Hunter’s Moon this week. And I get my blurb written. And my daughter finds her shirt for the field trip…



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