Wait… what?

So last night, my newest proofreader finished Hunter’s Moon. All that’s left to do is read it out loud to the husband. Yes, I even wrote the blurb! The end is in sight. Yes, I need to make the cover for the anthology, but I picked an easy one. And there’s minimal formatting and NO editing involved. But the stories will be finished on June 1st.

I cannot begin to tell you how much Warhol I have looked at the last eight months

So what does that mean? First off, Monsters of Pittsburgh needs to be cleaned up. I have plot and that’s about it. And something about half of what I have written will need to be completely reworked.

I started last night. The big challenge is making every story new reader accessible. I have to find a way to explain the magic system, the relationships, and what people look like every time, and make different every time. Old readers don’t want to keep reading the same description.

On top of this, I also have to start drafting my YA series. I have a germ of an idea that I know I can hang a few stories off of, but I have no plots.  I need plots, at least three of them.

So, yeah, busy, busy, busy. I think I might need some more coffee.


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