The end is nigh, but shameless self promotion is here already!

June 1st is the right around the corner, and with it it, the end of the Uncommon Animals series. Luckily, I’m ready. Been reading Hunter’s Moon out loud to the husband. I’ll be all set for June 1st.

But so will you! Because I’m running a sale! Yup, with minimal work on your part, on May 28th, you can own the first six Uncommon Animals stories for free! I’m still hammering Amazon to make the first three free, but you can already pick them up for free at Smashwords or Barnes and

However, for a very, very limited time in the run up to the release of Hunter’s Moon, the other three will be free as well… on May 28th! Sorry if you clicked on that link already. OK, not really sorry at all.

I’ll remind you when the free stuff is free, and please share that info with a friend.

“No seriously, for once the werewolves are way cooler than the vampires! I didn’t believe it either! Also, shit’s FREE!” Or whatever, I don’t want to put words in your mouth.

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