New Challenge

Publishing Day has come and gone. Now the challenging part starts. Expanding my empire. The last of my stories will be coming off of KDP select and disseminated across the interwebs. I’ll be everywhere soon.

All this will be happening as I format the omnibus edition.

My last Warhol. Thank the gods.
My last Warhol. Thank the gods.

For an added challenge, I’ve decided to release through Createspace as well, meaning yes, you will be able to purchase a physical copy of the book.

Which also means HUGE formatting nightmares for me.  Hence why I’ve already started. Like, I checked to make sure Hunter’s Moon was up yesterday,  and then opened a word file for the Omnibus Edition to get to work. I also probably have to make huge adjustments to the cover you see up there.

Some less stressful news, lots of editing is being done on Monsters of Pittsburgh, critiques are pouring in on my writing sites. I will be ready for September.

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