That one scene

I’m usually a very linear writer. I like to start at the beginning and finish the story, before starting again.  Which sounds like it should on the way upper level of “duh” obviousness, but you’d be surprised at how people write.

This looks about right.

But every now and then, a scene or a conversation comes to me, and then refuses to go away.  No matter what I want do, I keep working reworking that scene in my head.  It makes writing anything else really difficult.

I have such a scene now. The opening to the third Mina and Matty series. I have no real idea what else is in that story yet, but I know how the series opens. So, I’m about to sit down and bang this out.  Get it out of my head and on paper so I can get to work on Jeff’s stories.

Poor kid is 200 words in and waiting for me to finish.

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