Getting ahead

I finished up my the roughs of my covers for Monsters of Pittsburgh last night. I posted them in a few writing groups for feedback.

Damn does it feel good to be ahead. The story is done (if rough), and the covers are done (if a little rough). Little far, far less stress than making the covers as I go, template or not.

Now I need to get a move on with polishing up the series. Succubus is looking good for a September release. I think I can safely put a small sample of it at the end of the Uncommon Animals omnibus edition too.

My last Warhol. Thank the gods.
Sorry, but I really am proud of this cover.

This basically means that I officially am out excuses to getting the Omnibus Edition formatted for Uncommon Animals.  I think that’ll be my Sunday project. Just spend the day getting it all done, which leaves me ten days for any last minute changes.

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