My brain is mine field

Or maybe a maze.

Or maze IN a mine field.

Anyway,  I’ve been trying to write these Jeff stories for a few weeks now, and I’ve been pulling a huge blank on them. Finally, a friend convinced me to join her cabin for Camp Nanowrimo in July. This is basically, a Nanowrimo, but you can set your own word goal, and there are personalized groups.


So I got all excited, because I love the Nanowrimo, and  I always work better with a definite deadline.

And literally, as soon as I agreed, words came to me. I’ve already doubled the word count.

I’m trying to not write, but I’m also more concerned with finishing it, than I am with the Nano. I LIKE being way ahead of the game. Let me get this Jeff stuff drafted and I shift back to Mina and Matty.

It’s the project after that one that’s unknown at the moment.


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