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It’s  the first Tuesday of the month, this means it’s being to be insecure!

Today’s topic: No reviews.


This the first time I really debated changing my topic. I don’t want to seem like I’m fishing, because I’m not. This is not a jab at my friends and family who haven’t left reviews on Amazon or Smashwords or Barnes and Noble.

This is about the hundreds of people who downloaded free copies and didn’t leave reviews.

Why? Were the stories that unremarkable?

And then on the other hand, I’m absolutely terrified to get reviews. I know me, I am going to read them, and some of them are going to be negative. If someone asked, I’d probably shrug them off and say something pithy about not pleasing everyone, but I’ll likely spend the night eating chocolate and downing wine.

So I want people to leave reviews that I am terrified to receive and read.


No one ever said that insecurities were logical.

8 thoughts on “Insecure Writer’s Support Group

  1. Insecurity is human. I think plenary of people enjoyed your work, but few think to review. You can always ask for reviews – be prepared for the good and the ugly. Both will be beneficial.


  2. Very few people leave reviews. I’ve read message boards and comment threads where authors estimate they get one review for every hundred paid (or 2 or 3 hundred free) downloads. I think it has more to do with the readers themselves, and probably the genre. Some people just leave reviews, and some don’t. Some reviews suck, and some are awesome. Hang in there and you’ll get a few.

    Have you submitted to any review blogs? Those can help. Another thing I do is put a link in the back of each book file which will take readers to the “leave a review” page for the book, and I put in a note begging them to do so. I think it has probably led to a review or two. Make it as easy as possible and more people will do it, I guess.

    And reviews are terrifying! I am with you there.


    1. Now that the omnibus edition is out, I should start looking at review sites. Before that my stuff was always too short.

      I have links to my goodreads page and to my amazon authors page with all my ebooks (and to this blog, my merch store, twitter, tumblr, facebook…)

      Maybe I should ask for reviews though…


      1. Do it! submitting to review blogs is a difficult thing for me, but I know a lot of people just slam out a whole bunch of review requests. Not all will review you, so send out way more than you think you need.

        And a few sentences directly asking people to leave a review in the end-pages of your book wouldn’t hurt. I think mine is something like “Thank you so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed this story! If you did, leaving a review would really help me out! [link to amazon book page]” and I’m sure even that little line has helped get me some reviews.

        As a reader, I rarely leave reviews, so I can’t really complain 🙂


  3. I’ve come to learn that when you offer a book for free, countless people will flock to get it (They just want free stuff.), but not many will read it and few will review. If they do review it, they often complain it’s not what they expected despite the fact that the blurb and book info is right there for them to read before they get the ebook. Don’t take this personally. Something you can do is submit to review blogs that read your type of book. They’ll post a review on their blog and amazon. Sometimes even Goodreads.

    Good luck!! 🙂


  4. I’m guessing that it’s no reflection on your work that you aren’t getting reviews. I don’t think people love to do them even when they really love the book. My impression is if they really hate it they will slam you, however, so maybe no reviews means you are awesome! Hang in there!


  5. A lot of writers offer book reviews if you request one. But Kathy at IamaReader offers a list of book reviewers to those who email her. Many are listed in the Book Reviewer Yellow Pages and some on the IWSG site. Whether or not your genre fits my blog (kid lit), you might find my press kit instructions helpful. It’s on my policies page at Sending a press kit along with your review request will open more doors because the reviewer won’t have to paste in your cover and bio from Amazon or Goodreads.


  6. Know the feeling!
    People tend to take a while to read a free book. So the reviews are still coming, just not right away. And yes, some will suck. It happens. Prepare for it and learn from the ones that offer some good feedback. But remember – there will be some awesome ones as well!


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