Camp Nanowrimo Update


Is actually going very, very well. My last Nano fell apart on me. I was trying to frantically get Uncommon Animals going and just didn’t have the time.

This month, I’m waiting on critiques for Monsters and it’s summer!

I finished the draft for the first story, and I’ve started the second. I even took a few hours out of my life to do a little research into the herbs, because DAMN Jeff uses a ton of herbs.

I’m sure you’ve noticed that my posting time has become truly erratic as well. That’s because the husband is also home. Late nights mean late mornings for everybody, and I try really hard not to post before coffee. My typos are bad enough WITH the added black gold.

I should have a working triolgy at the end of this month and that will mean being ahead by TWO series at that point. Gotta love being organized.

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