Chugging right along

I’m about halfway to my Camp Nanowrimo word goal, though I am not about half way done with these novellas. The first one ran long and I have no doubts the others will as well. 10k each was an estimate, not hard number. A fact that I had to remind myself of several times the last week or so.

But barring something catastrophic happening, I’ll be done long before the month is up, and being that far ahead of schedule feels really, really good. How far ahead you ask?

Well, the first Monsters of Pittsburgh story is set to come out on September 8th, and I’ll release one a month after that until March when I’ll do the omnibus edition.

So if I take April off, that means releasing Jeff’s stories in May, June, and July. Yeah, I’m gearing up a year in advance

And seriously… it feels fantastic!

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