Still not sleeping, but…

So last night, 10 PM, I’m curled up on the couch, eyes closed, cat snuggled, and then boom, my brain snapped into alertness and I was up and going.

I have no idea what is wrong with my head, but it appears to not be stopping for awhile. This happens and I just have to move along with my life.

So, I’m still experimenting with publicity. Free books Friday? Meh. Tepid at best.

Covers: I got caught up in a fit of inspiration, and gave them a minor makeover this week. I think I’ll look at some other options.

Key words: I actually got another  fit of inspiration there. I have a large, and very diverse cast. There’s a whole lot of urban fantasy out there, but there isn’t a whole lot lead by a female, brown skinned main character, her gay little brother, and their native American foster father.

It might be time to start marketing those angles. As much as I just wrote the characters that came to me, there aren’t your typical UF stock characters. No upper class white people chucking around tons of money.

I love Anne Rice but Merrick aside…

Okay, yeah,  I have Rick. But even he isn’t the typical “alpha male” dude. He’s a cross between Mr. Rogers and Chuck Norris.

And no, that description wasn’t just an excuse to bust out an Enter the Dragon clip. It was something a critiquer said, and I loved the hell out of it.

Mr. Rogers was FROM Pittsburgh, where my stories take place!

The other thing, I decided on. I will be taking my stories off of Smashwords (and iBook, Barnes&Nobles, etc.). I haven’t made any money there, and if I can exclusively on Amazon, then I can use their in-house advantages (give aways, borrowing, etc).

I even talked this stuff over with my husband, just to make sure this is some sleep deprived madness.  He says my reasoning is all sound.

Less than a month until the new series starts, and I want readers clamoring for the new stuff.


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