Master Procrastinator

I am amazing at procrastinating.


I know most people would consider writing my daily blog the night before the opposite of procrastinating.  The kicker is that it’s supposed to be a daily exercise. Now granted, I give myself one day off a week, but I’m also digressing to make a point.

I don’t want to proofread. I don’t like proofreading. I want a copy editor. If only, I could spare the cash for one. First, thing I’ll redirect profits into. Until then..

I can put out  a damn good story with inevitable typos.

I’m digressing again… I’m sorry.

not sorry

Regardless of what I personally do not want to do, it has to get done. And there’s just me and… who ever takes pity on me. Which a few good friends always do.

cover color
Go read this book!

And I swear, I will use this time I am not writing this tomorrow to proofread Succubus. Mina and Matty deserve no less.

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