Sell one book at a time

Been working on Monsters, both editing and setting up the preorders. I’m hoping that readers being able to see when the stories will be publishing, in addition to having one completed series finished will help with sales. We’ll see how it goes.


A friend recently said that self-publishing feeling like selling one book at a time. I can agree with that. It’s been eating at me lately a little. I hate ‘pushing’ my work on people, but I really don’t want to go back to work next year.  If I do that writing takes a back seat, maybe permanently.  So it’s it push and sell or don’t push and flounder.

Okay, who didn’t expect this pic after I used the word ‘flounder’?

I’ve been seeing seeing a small uptick in interest the last few weeks though. It’s small but encouraging. Let’s hope the pre-orders help, especially seeing that a series is coming, with exact dates attached.

Good plots, great character, snappy dialogue, and a set schedule. What more could people ask for?

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