So I got a review yesterday

And some of you are thinking, “What’s the big deal about a review? Aren’t you supposed to get them?”

And you’re right, but I haven’t. Well, I have. Some of my friends and family have been very kind and left reviews.

This is a stranger. Someone who doesn’t know my characters, or world, or who cares at all about my feelings.

They loved it.

And more importantly, (to writer/artist me), they GOT it. Without having read multiple drafts and having long discussions about back story and motive, they got the characters, and the story. Everything came across the way it was supposed to. It was really, really nice to read.

And my tension deflated, because a review site did not mention even one typo, even though I found two just yesterday morning while rereading a specific passage. Yes, I reread them, a lot. The last thing I need is for continuity to bitch slap me.

So heading out, I’ll be a little more confident I think. Definitely a little less worried about typos.

Okay, my gushing aside, writing-wise. I reworked a fight scene last night. Maybe that’s too strong a word. I added a tiny bit to a fight scene. One of my truly short, short stories had a fight that a critiquer thought was too short. I didn’t want to pad it, but bah! That fight has been giving me problems from the get go.

Anyway, I’m still buzzing from my good review, and I’m going to ride that wave all the way to Sept 8th!

You can pre-order this one!

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