Saturday Scenes


Saturday Scenes
Saturday Scenes

This one is from Succubus.

You can pre-order it on Amazon and it comes out on Monday!


Mina circled Rick. Their reflection in the mirrors made her think of the usual David and Goliath, night and day comparison. Mina was no taller than her brother. Their heads didn’t clear Rick’s shoulder. She was just as slim as her brother, too.

Rick stood well over six feet, and as a Speaker, he had trained to fight all his life. Stripped down to his loose gym pants, the sculpted bulk was impressive.

It wasn’t just her werewolf’s build versus the hulk that was Rick. His ash blonde spikes and peaches and cream complexion contrasted with the blue-black hair and olive skin she also shared with her brother.

She missed a step as loud music boomed from her brother’s room. Rick closed the distance. Mina blocked a punch and took a quick jab in the ribs.

Worth the bruise.

She darted to the right and Rick followed. She ducked under his swing, loosing a flurry of punches along his kidney.

Rick grabbed her wrist and twisted the arm behind her back. Before she could react, he hooked her ankle and her face slammed into the mat.

She rolled over, grinning. “If I’d had a knife, you’d be down.”

“But you didn’t have a knife. Which is why I let you get so close.” Rick held out a hand.

Mina grasped it and her stomach dropped a little as he lifted her off the mats. “You let me sucker punch you a few times?”

“For the pleasure of slamming your face into the mat?” Rick grinned. “Damn right I did.”

Mina stuck her tongue out and headed over to their water bottles.

Rick followed her. “What tripped you up?”

Mina tossed him a chilled bottle. “The music in Matty’s room got very loud. Knowing that my baby brother and my ex need a little privacy still creeps me out.”

“I bet… I mean, you and Dean…”

Mina rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Three awkward dates barely counts as a relationship. And I’m glad it’s working out so well for them. I just wish I didn’t have to hear about it.”

“Did you and Matty have another long talk about the state of their love life?”

Mina shrugged, then nodded, not quite trusting herself to be civil if she spoke. The truth was that as ecstatic as she was that Matty finally trusted someone enough to fall in love, the Trojan leaving made it hurt.

And he’s never coming back.

Rick dropped on the mats that covered the cement floor. “We need to get out of this house.”

“You sick of trying to teach me to fight?” Mina flopped down beside him.

“A little.” Rick punched her arm before reaching for his foot. “But mostly, I think you and I have been moping around the house, listening to… music blaring from Matty’s room for three months. It’s time to get out of here.”

“What brought this on?” Mina pushed out a leg and reached for her toes.

Rick stretched silently for a long moment. “Sonja’s phone is disconnected.”

Mina’s stomach turned over. “I’m sure she’s okay.”

Rick sat up. “So am I.” He sucked in a big breath. “We’ve been texting for a few weeks now.”

Rage flared in Mina’s brain. She fought to find the words to express Rick’s betrayal.

Rick held up his hands. “Before you tear me up, I don’t know anything about the Trojan. Sonja said he wanted it that way, clean break and all that. I just- I wanted to talk to her, so I kept my questions to myself.”

Mina beat down her temper. He wasn’t actually talking to her ex. Besides, she would love to see Sonja, too.

“But now she’s cut me out. No word, no explanation. She said it was hard talking to me, and then yesterday it went dead.” The bitterness in his voice could have slaked Seattle’s thirst for coffee.

Mina pulled up her knees and wrapped her arms around them. “So, tonight, we head out?”

Rick’s smile lit up his face. “Just so you know, I make a hell of a wingman.”


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