Saturday Scenes


Saturday Scenes
Saturday Scenes

This weeks offering is from Succubus:

“So, what do we do?”

She paused. “No idea just yet. Usually by now Matty tells me what to attack.”

Rick snorted as the thralled waitress hurried to an area roped off by velvet. He pointed to a man with a crew cut, dressed in black sitting by the entrance. “That’s the VIP lounge. We don’t have enough money to get in there.”

“How the hell did they run hunts in Florida?” She untwisted her heels from her purse, pulled one strap of her dress down, and smudged her eye makeup. “Did you walk in and politely ask the demons to give themselves up in front of civilians?”

“We must have run them pretty well if you never had to come and help us out.”

Mina cocked her head before she laughed. Then she scooted out of the booth, and weaved as she walked away, shoes in hand.

Rick followed her through the loud dance music toward a younger man, barely old enough to drink, who was stumbling out of the VIP section.

Mina’s arm slithered around his waist. The kid wobbled to a stop. Her free hand slid across his chest. The kid’s eyes strayed into the top of her dress when she pressed herself against him.

Her normally slight and unplaceable accent rolled out thick and unmistakably French. “Want to buy me a drink?”

Another guy about the same age, but significantly more sober, pulled the drunk kid away. “Sorry lady, his cab’s here.”

“Another time then.”

As the two kids made their way to the exit, Mina turned back to Rick, already pawing through a wallet.

She pulled out a white card. “Excellent. No photo ID required for the guest pass.”


She tossed the wallet in her purse. “My mother did business all over Canada, and I hunted quite a bit around Quebec. Not to mention four months in Paris.”

“But why French?”

Her smile lit up her face. “I always thought it was the sexiest accent.” She slipped her arm through his and started her drunk walk back through the thick crowd to the velvet ropes. “Let me do the talking. You’re a terrible liar.”

When they got to the gate, Mina handed the guard the guest pass.

He examined it with a glare. “What party are you with?”

Straight Greek poured out of her mouth. Her hands fluttered in the air and she swayed, frequently going boneless on Rick’s arm.

The guard glared at him as he checked the card against a list on a clipboard. “What party?”

Sweat collected at Rick’s hair line. He shrugged and shook his head with a smile. He didn’t know any Greek nor did he have the slightest idea how to fake such an accent. Mina stopped talking and gave the guard a pouty glare, before beginning to obviously berate him, still in rapid Greek.

A dark-haired woman in a suit wandered out of the VIP lounge. “Is there a problem?”

The guard’s lips thinned. He double checked the card against his list. “The guest pass is for tonight, but they only have one. And they don’t speak English.”

Rick tightened his grip on Mina’s arm, ready to run if needed.

The suited woman shook her head. “Let me guess, table four?”

The guard nodded.

“Screw it. Those assholes have broken every other rule already.” She patted the guard’s shoulder. “I might just give them champagne until all of them need a ride home.”

“She’s already half in the bag.” The guard unhooked the rope and waved them through. “Why are we letting them get away with this?”

The woman smiled. “Because I can triple charge their credit cards without them noticing.”

The guard laughed before shoving four fingers in Mina’s face. “Fourth door on the right.”

She nodded, still jabbering away in Greek, hands dancing in the air as she stumbled along on Rick’s arm.

Rick leaned over and dropped his voice for her ears alone. “Okay, how did you know which wallet to steal?”

“It was pretty obvious that kid got in here with a fake ID, and he’s wrecked enough to leave early. Chances were good lots of crazy stuff has already gone down. The staff will remember us tomorrow, but we’ll be one more incident. I just got lucky with him being a guest.”

He spotted an empty alcove and steered them towards it. She slipped inside, fixed her dress, and pulled out a compact. “I don’t think there’s any fixing this until I get home.” She swiped some powder under her eyes anyway. “Do you see the waitress anywhere?”

Rick glanced around the booths, looking for the blonde curls. The VIP lounge wasn’t much different from the rest of the bar; black walls, dark booths, and far too much booze for any body’s health. “Seriously, why were you arguing for waiting if you’re this good?”

Mina shrugged and ran a finger along the streak of makeup. “Just because I prefer a straight up brawl doesn’t mean I can’t sneak. Matty and I were the best.” She put away her compact. “This would be a lot easier if he was here. He probably would have found the nest already.”

Guilt rose and he pushed it down. A year ago, he never would have left Matty alone for this long. He checked his phone out of habit. There was no text or voice mail.

I should be happy for him.

“Is it wrong that I feel…” Mina trailed off, staring at the table.


She flashed him a sad smile. “Out grown.”

“That’s not any better.”

“Yes, it really is. I’m happy that he’s happy. He doesn’t need us so much, but a lot of my life the last few years was worrying about Matty. I can ease up on that now. I’m just not sure how much.”

Rick gave her a quick hug. “I know what you mean.”

She snaked her shoes around the purse strap again. “I know, and thank you again, for being there when I wasn’t.” She slid into his lap and grabbed his shirt. “Here comes our waitress.”


You can find the rest of the story on Amazon.


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