Insecure Writers Support Group – Not feeling the love


Almost didn’t think I was going to get to this today. I am wretchedly ill, so forgive the typos. They’ll be worse than usual.

Today’s subject, what if nobody actually likes my work.

Which is stupid considering I just got my first royalty check from Amazon. But nobody has bought a story in a few days. In addition, all my betas and proofreaders have been… busy for week, and I’ve feeling a little unloved.

Now give it a week, and Sheepsquatch comes out. I should get a modest spike in sales then, including (usually) some people picking up the back catalog.

And as for my betas, I know that they have other people that they reading, not to mention their own lives.

But as I sit here staring at my sales and my empty inbox, I wonder if they’ve all just been humoring me.

2 thoughts on “Insecure Writers Support Group – Not feeling the love

  1. Stop that!
    Put yourself in other people’s shoes. Would you read something you really disliked for a friend? Sure, maybe once. But would you keep reading it, keep up a crit-trading or beta partnership for months, maybe years? Probably not (unless they were like family, I guess)
    If you have people who are reading your work regularly and they don’t disappear, you can rest assured: they like it. Otherwise they’d probably find excuses and stop reading.
    You are loved, sweet Kate ❤

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