I wish I had my own personal Gordon Ramsay


This man is my seven year old daughter’s hero. This is both good and bad. She now eats everything, because Gordon said a good chef has to try all foods.

She also critiques her food. ‘Mom, this chicken skin isn’t crispy.’

And the day they had Burger King commercials during Master Chef? “Oh. My. God. This is garbage food. GARBAGE! I would rather have the dollar. Why would you show me this food during Gordon’s show? Gordon only uses the freshest, most magnificent ingredients!”

I won’t even get into what happened when she thought someone was burning chicken at a barbeque.

But there are times when I wish I had someone standing over my shoulder screaming at me to do my best.

“You call that a metaphor? For fuck’s sake!”

“You know your deadline is coming up. Have you listened to the story or read it outloud? For christ’s sake! Why not?”

“Look at this story! It’s full of holes and choppy dialogue! You’re better than this!”

gordon and super
Combining my love of Gordon Ramsay and Supernatural.

That’s part of self-publishing though. I have to keep myself in line. I have to yell at myself, and make myself read things critically.

So having said this, I’m about to go start the intense proofreading on Talasam. I’m finally happy with it. I just need to clean it up now.

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