Stupid mental autocorrect

My mom caught me listening to one of my stories last night, headphones in, robot voice going, while I minutely adjusted sentences.

When she asked why I had her read the sentence I was currently working on. ‘There was no was door.’

“Kate, that sentence is wrong.”

“Yup, but because I wrote it, I know what it’s supposed to say.”

I then got to explain the fabulous concept of the brain’s autocorrect. You know the meme:

And it’s true. My big thing is actually forgetting words while I type. Believe me, I reread every post, but I accept that when I reread one months from now I will find this sentence: “So I wrote big scene last night.”

My brain, at least, put the ‘a’ in the right place, even if the rest of the world thinks I type in caveman speak.


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