Nano no no and crumbles


Still not writing much. I have totally blown my lead. But maybe today. I’ve been stuck on a scene, and trying to work my way through it.

But putting my mental issues aside, let’s talk about stuff that’s already written.


The Hunted. Why am I bringing this up? Because a friend found this fabulous little time suck called crumbles. You type in a sentence and it finds clips to shout out the words.

So after making several very naughty ones, something in my brain said, “What about your stories?”

So yeah, I went through and found one sentence that really summed up the story, and for The Hunted it’s: She had always been ready to run.

This is the introduction to Mina: tough but paranoid, and at this point, running is better than fighting. The first half of the story talks a lot about her preparations. I tried to impress upon the audience how precarious her situation is, and how terrifying even walking into her apartment can be for her.

So yeah, She had always been ready to run.

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