The Hunter crumbled


I’m weak sometimes.

The perfect like to wrap up my only true Romance. It gets the capital ‘R’, because it follows the mold perfectly. Well, the ending is more Happy For Now, rather than Happily Ever After… Okay, the ending is “I promise that I’ll come back and we can be happy then,” but yes, it is a romance, and I stuck to my genre like freaking glue.

This is also my introduction of the Trojan. He’s one of my favorite characters to write, and this wasn’t supposed to be a romance originally, but sometimes, the characters take it upon themselves to change the story.

As a writer, you can either stomp your feet and insist they follow the game plan, or you can roll with them, and see where it takes you. I chose to listen to my characters, and got this. Which is possibly my favorite story in the Uncommon Animals series.

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