The Haunt in crumbles


How do we fix this and who the hell are you?

Sonja’s introduction is still one of my favorites. Designed to be a foil for my group in general, and Mina in particular, she perky and upbeat, while never losing the edge any monster hunter should have.

It had come to my attention that I had a bit of a boy’s club, and decided to introduce a second woman to the group. I sent my two ladies to Rita’s (the first time we see the bar), and thought that there was no way I’d avoid the Bechdel test now. Three women, all of whom are strong, well-defined characters. I’ve got this in the bag

And yeah… I failed spectacularly. The entire plot revolved around Mina and Sonja figuring out who had attacked them in retaliation for the Trojan’s ‘warning.’ Not mentioning men wasn’t really an option.

But I got a good story out of it.

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