A crumbled Hunter’s Moon


“Did you know that Pittsburgh has more bridges than Venice, and more stairs than San Francisco?”

Why did I pick the opening sentence as the one to sum up the last story? Because the entire piece hinges on what Giorgios knows that you don’t. Which is quite a bit.

And yes, I know common wisdom says not to open a story with dialogue. Meh to that. In this case, I wanted an impeding sense of “what the hell is going on?”.

Also, it was while writing this the story that I learned of the parallels between my work and Supernatural.


There is a subtle nod to the show in this piece, though I leave it to fans of the show to find it. In a way, this gave birth to next’s Monsters of Pittsburgh story.


Wendigo is a parody/celebration of Supernatural and the completely unplanned and random parallels between my work and that show.

This story was also the hardest to fit into the naming scheme (hunted, hunting, haunt, etc). It took a little finessing on my part to get it. But between the date of the full moon and the football game mentioned (which is was a real game, though there wasn’t a riot afterwards), you can pinpoint the exact day the story takes place. I won’t tell you though. It’ll be more fun for people to research. At least, I’d think it was fun.

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