It’s that time of year.

For perhaps the first time in my life, I am thankful for Snow.

Being the baker at Thanksgiving means I went to town today. Two pies (apple and pumpkin), banana bread, prepped a bread pudding for tomorrow, and made a pound of fudge.

But a heavy snow fall had the kids outside despite school being cancelled, while I polished furniture and crimped pie crusts.  They got hot cocoa with peppermint marshmallows and I kept a measure of sanity  and cleaniness in the house before Turkey Day.

So, yay for snow. Now stick around just until New Years Day and then GO AWAY.

Now if you’ll excuse me. I have to shovel and salt the sidewalk.

And although I quit Nano, I’m still writing. Nearly finished with the fifth story of the new series. I might not get this done by the end of November, but I should be good by Christmas.

Oh man… Christmas starts on Friday!

But let us not get too excited.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving. I hope everybody is prepping for good eats, where ever you are!


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