Comes out tomorrow! Though you can pre-order it from Amazon.

This story has a story. And it starts with the original Mina and Matty story: The Hunted.

See, I was writing something for a competition, and I desperately needed names. So I stole them from a friend’s book, with permission. So Sam and Rick, became Sam and Rick.

Then when I was writing another Uncommon Animals story, I created a character meant to swoop in and save the day, like Superman. So I said, “George?”





“Ooo! I like Dean.”

And then I kept getting notes about ‘Sam and Dean hunting monsters, tee hee.’ But I had no idea what they meant, so I asked one of them… and then I got addicted.


And when I started writing another series with these characters, I decided to honor such a great show.


At a friend’s suggestion, I went with a Wendigo, a classic Supernatural monster.

Seriously, a great freaking episode.

So yeah, my Sam and Dean, nothing like those guys above, but still. I had fun writing this. Is it fan fiction?

This episode! I just can’t even…

Not in the sense that it takes place in the Supernatural universe, using those characters. But there are definite and deliberate homages to this really, really great show.

So, Wendigo.


If you aren’t a fan of Supernatural, it’s still a good Matty and Mina story (well, Sam and Dean story).

If you are a fan of Supernatural, you’ll laugh your ass off. I hope.


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