#saturdayscenes AND Publishing Day!

Saturday Scenes
Saturday Scenes

Yup! It’s a publishing day! So I have a scene from Wendigo for everybody!


Dean pulled the Mustang into the post office parking lot. “That’s the phone.”

Sam grunted and picked at his teeth with his nail. The silence stretched out, but Dean didn’t know how to break it. Sam stared out the window with intense, dark eyes.

Dean looked, but all he saw was a woman with very pale skin. She grinned at him, and he averted his eyes. Dean shifted, a strange desire to talk forcing his mouth open. “So, if vampires and werewolves and fairies exist, what about angels?”

“Angels?” Sam snorted a short laugh. “Probably another kind of monster, if they exist at all. Besides, from what I can remember of Sunday school, I’m pretty sure they’re just a big bag of dicks.”

Dean chuckled as his eyes swept over the parking lot. It looked the same as it had the three days he sat here last week.

His humor drained away as the passenger door clanged open. Sam hurried out of the Mustang with a hand in his jeans pocket. He kept brass knuckles on him all the time. Sure enough, they glinted on his fingers when the hand left its pocket.

Dean followed, wishing he’d brought his gun, ineffective or not. To his shock, what had startled Sam was two teenagers coming around the corner of the post office.

They were obviously related, sharing the same loosely curled, dark red hair and freckles. The boy stood a head and shoulders taller than the girl. His lankiness only emphasized her roundness.

Sam shook his head as he put his hand back in his pocket. “Allison, what the ever loving hell are you doing here? Shouldn’t you be in bed this time of day?”

Teenage demon hunters?

It seemed a wrong and frightening prospect to Dean, but Sam apparently knew her, so who was Dean to judge?

Her shrug was short and choppy. “Hunting.”

“Hunting what?”

The boy sneered. “None of your fucking business.”

Allison elbowed him. “Shut up, Seth. I’m- we’re not sure exactly.” Her deep blue eyes glared into Dean’s. “Who’s that?”

Sam ran a finger over the scars on his cheek. “Dean. He’s a friend. This thing you’re hunting, it’s tall and mimics voices?”

Seth rolled his eyes. “So?”

Sam shook his head. “Listen, boy, when I want you to open your trap, I’ll ask you a question.”

Allison rounded on the taller kid and pushed a finger into his chest. “This guy works with the w- with Mina and Matty. You don’t want to piss them off.”

“Whatever.” The kid huffed a sigh and looked away.

Allison turned back to Sam with the long suffering expression reserved for annoying siblings. Her tight jaw revealed a faint scar. “Where are Mina and Matty?”

“Not on this case.” Sam shrugged. “You got a problem with that?”

Fear flashed across her face. “I’m not sure how to track this thing without them. You know how people are. They’ll convince themselves they didn’t see anything.”

“There’s got to be some sign of it.” Dean was as shocked as the three people who turned to him. He hadn’t meant to say anything. The words kept coming though. “It’s twelve feet tall. It’s not living in the city without someone talking about it. And if it’s coming and going there must be tracks.”

Allison smiled. “What are you, some kind of detective?”

“Yes. And I staked out this parking lot for three days, without seeing anything unusual. So what are you doing here?”

The girl shuffled her feet. “I saw something tall, fast, and definitely not human this morning.”

Dean glanced at the phone again and realization hit his gut like a fist. “We need to head underground.”

“What?” Seth rolled his eyes. “Why?”

“Because this thing tapped into the phone line, and they run underground for pay phones like this.”

Sam nodded. “Wendigos used to be human. They’re savvy bastards.”

Seth pointed to the street and started walking away. “There’s a manhole down the block.”

Sam grabbed his arm. “Are you dumber than you look? A couple of kids can’t go sewer hopping in front of a federal government building in broad daylight with two brown-skinned men. People will notice.”

The kid ripped his arm away from Sam. “Do you have a better plan?”

“We all head back to my place. I make you some breakfast, then you crash out in a guest room. We arm up and head back after dark, ready to kick it in the ass.”

Allison nodded. “We’ll grab our car and follow.” They bickered in low voices as they walked away.

“Sam, you said not to head into a fight with people you didn’t trust. You can’t tell me you trust those two.”

Sam shrugged. “I don’t, but they’re going to chase this thing with or without my approval. We might has well keep an eye on them. Allison’s not too bad, but that Seth kid… he’s gonna get her killed.”

Dean unlocked the car and settled himself behind the wheel. “People tend to be a bit blind about who they love the most.”

“Do you really want to pursue that line of reasoning

with me?”

“No.” His cheeks heated. “I mean-”

Sam snorted a laugh. “I’m yanking your chain. Like I said, your issues with Matty are none of my business.”

Dean tried to not speak, but the words tumbled out anyway. “How is he… Is he sleeping yet? I remember the hedge doctor saying that the monster- the talasam-”

Thankfully, Sam cut him off. “He’s sleeping again. Rick took him camping to get away from the city for a while. You know how he gets around people.”

No, I know what everyone has told me about how he gets around people.

Dean chased away the thought. It was mean and untrue. Matty did get nervous around strangers, even in his own home. But Dean had never seen him in a crowd. Matty had always countered every offer to leave the house with sex.

And I let him.

Dean forced the thoughts of Matty away. “Your SUV is still at my place.”

“Then you’ll just have to crash at the house.”

His stomach bottomed out. “I really-

“Oh, hell no. You are not leaving me alone with the Bobbsey Twins.”

“I need to least get some clothes I can wear into a sewer.”

Sam’s eyes narrowed. “You can borrow something of Rick’s.”

This day just keeps getting better.


You can buy Wendigo today on Amazon.


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