No Focus

My writer buddies are gonna roll their eyes at me, because this is all I’ve been talking about today, but I have no focus.

Also, no drive.

Not that kind of drive

Usually, I’m busting out 10k words a week, while critiquing all my friends’ stuff, and happily snarking my way through life.

The last few weeks though, I’ve barely been writing 1k, and I’m way behind on reading my friends’ works.

Not mention what I have been writing has felt like pulling teeth. Just this morning, I realized I didn’t want to follow the game plan I had set for myself. And not just in a “Hey, I got a better idea!” sort of way.

I don’t feel like writing the planned story, because it’s too damned long.

And I keep skipping around, mentally, from project to project. The only reason, I haven’t been doing it physically: it feels like too much damn work.

This is where I’m at, mentally.

I’m going to keep pushing my way through though. I want this series done by Christmas. New Years at the very latest.

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