Holiday Crush

My cookie jar is empty, which is a crime this time of year.

But no baking this afternoon. The oldest has a doctor’s appointment this afternoon, and the youngest turns five tomorrow.

I have cakes to bake, cookies to bake, a house to clean, and I’m OUT OF WINE.

Also, my husband’s present might not get here before Christmas. Which bums me out more than anything.

But writing. It’s still slow but I made some progress. My husband pointed out that I’m attempting a very complicated plot. So things are going to be slow. I have a lot to balance. Slow is a good thing right now. It means I’m thinking things through.

And writing will get slower as the big day approaches. I’ll have more and more to do, right up until that moment when the kids get out of school.

Then I’ll have even more to do, lol.

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