And then reality set in

So yesterday, I decided to do movie parody posters for the final Mina and Matty series.

And I dutifully sat down with my stock photos and spent eight hours mocking up a halfway decent parody. Just to see if I could make the photoshop look good. I knew it wouldn’t be done, but could I make a decent one?

I can. My husband and I were both amazed at how good it came out. The problem is that a good movie poster from the 90’s doesn’t make a good book cover. And two of my friends, geek girls at that, didn’t recognize the poster I was parodying.

So, my idea, while good, doesn’t work. But I can’t think of anything else. In writing terms, it’s when you have a scene with a great bit of dialogue, but the rest of it doesn’t work.

And you know you have to cut that scene, but instead you keep finding ways to expand on it, and build it, even after you decided to cut it.

Just before I sat down to write this post, I thought, “I’ll call the whole series, Curtain Call, or the Final Curtain, and the Omnibus edition can be a red curtain, in honor of Baz Lurhmann’s Red Curtain Trilogy! *squee*”

Reminder, I had this thought in the middle of planning my blog about how this idea isn’t viable.


My ‘go to’ plan (for now) is thinking up a new title for the first story. That’s the one that sparked the movie idea in the first place. Maybe if I stamp out that spark, I can light another fire.

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