I swear today is the last time I’ll post this.


Yes, please, please, please, if you are at all curious about this sign up for my newsletter! The first Chelsea Childling story comes out tomorrow.

The newsletter is just a bimonthly publication, once on Publishing Day and two weeks later for a Chelsea story (a flash fiction series only available on my newsletter!)

As for me… I have a long ass list of stuff that needs to get done. I’m trying, I really am. Hopefully, with the kids having a half day tomorrow and Monday off from school, I can relax in the afternoon and get some work done. Not just my own writing and editing (so, so many crits piling up >.<), but also return critiques for my friends and fellow writers.

I’m filling a bit of a taker this winter instead of giving. I’m also a total slacker instead of my usual manically ahead self.

My saving grace is that February’s story, Brownie, is in great shape and ready to be published. I just need to do a listen through for missing words and what not.

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