I’m looking for an artist

Although, in truth, I kind of did.

See, I’ve always kind of laughed at the idea that I’m writer. Other people who pen stories get in these huge discussions about tenses, and Point of View, and adverbs… and then there’s me.

I think I’m a storyteller before I’m writer. I care about my craft, yes, but I just write. I don’t choose one tense over the other, I use the one that vacillates the story that I’m telling.

And don’t get me started on the sudden movement to towards short, choppy sentences. Writing is as much about the correct feel of the words as it is picking the right verb…

Anyway, my background in theater and film, and it definitely shows in my writing. I get told all the time that my work feel cinematic, and I get a big grin, because that’s what I’m going for.

I’m trying to make my favorite TV shows and movies written stories. All those crazy ideas I get watching monster hunters, ninjas, time travelers, and super heroes…

Anyway, I’ve always thought that my work would transfer well to comic book form. And I love comics. I’ve never collected them, but I love them as an art form.

The one snag in this: I can’t draw. Like my circles sometimes have obtuse angles. So I obviously need an artist.

I can see the obstacles in my way. Namely that I have to make my own book covers because I can’t afford an artist.

So really, I’m looking for a partner. Somebody who’s looking for a project.

I’m not under any illusions that this is more important than work that they get paid up front for, but I am willing to split the profit 50-50, and I already have a small but dedicated fan base. People pre-order novellas. Maybe not a lot, but hey, we’re not working from scratch here, either.

Do I have a script? No. But I do have 21 finished stories to turn into a script, or more likely, 3 scripts, broken into seven pieces. And I have an intense drive once I get an idea.

Yes, I’m talking about making a comic book and selling it through createspace, but trust me. This is doable. I can and have done this before.

My only problem was poor artwork… The very thing I want to fix.

So if you know an artist looking for a project, I have a project that needs an artist.

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